Let me paint a beautiful digital oil painting from your favorite photo!

How it’s done

Simply email me a high resolution (large) image file of the painting you wish me to do, and I will get back to you within a day or so to discuss your requirements.

Once we have finalized your requirements, I will painstakingly paint a complete digital oil-painting style image for you. The entire process is done by hand and no “automatic painting filters” are used in this process.
During the process, I will ~
– email you a sample draft image for your review,
– make any minor changes required as I complete the painting, and
– then email your completed high-resolution digital image file.

You are free to then use this digital image file to get your painting printed out via any printing service, as many times as you wish. Alternatively, I can arrange to have your painting printed on a canvas print, framed and shipped to you.

So why not send me your file and let's get started!
Email your file, and a note about your requirements, to me at sue@suedewar.com

A digital painting can create a masterpiece out of a good photo.